"This program has given me more clarity"
The Silva Ultramind System

"This program has given me more clarity"

Before this program, I had naturally intuitively been tuning into my depths and 'stilling' my energy within myself, embracing emotions to surface in order to heal unresolved trauma, over a 30 year period. I feel I had already experienced Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta states, however, I was curious to officially learn more about it. The Silva Ultra Mind program certainly has delivered and revealed identification of some other neuro-emotional complexes within me, which have enlightened me and enhanced my growth at such an important time in my life. The questions asked of me and the mindful techniques have enabled me more freedom, from a negative external influence in the present, which was holding a part of me back; so that has been the 'icing on the cake', so to speak and I have felt validated, gained more confidence and clarity about moving forward and manifesting my goals, ensuring my safety and happiness. Especially though, the ability to define the 3 most important questions according to my 'soul experiences, growth and contributions', allowed me to identify more of ME; what my heart's desires truly are ie. my 'burning desire, the belief of myself and possibilities and expectancy', in relation to 'why not ME, for me and of me?' It reminds me of Nelson Mandela's inaugural speech when he asks: ' and who are you not to be brilliant, shrinking so others won't feel small, does not serve you or the world'. Overall, this program has given me more clarity, validation, freedom, healing, confidence, tools for every day calmness personally, tools professionally for my healing modality, and above all more emotional peace with in myself and excitement for my future. Thank you Vishen, Jose Silva and the Mindvalley team. You are all gems!


Clear Qi Acupuncture

Christchurch, New Zealand

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The Silva Ultramind System

"I healed pretty fast using the 3 scenes & Mental video technique & some medicine as well"

Before this program, i wasn't able to go to a deep meditative state. With this program, i now know when i m in deep meditative state & be aware of it. Also i had developed an injury while doing the course. Which i healed pretty fast using the 3 scenes & Mental video technique & some med...
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Saumitra Chaturvedi

IT Solution Architect

Gurugram, India

The Silva Ultramind System

"I loved the class"

I love this kind of thing. It is me, that is why I know how Vishen feels when he talks about it. Also, I do know a few things that are more o less in the same line. I am a Radioestesist and also use the Pendulum well enough, better than just well, I have been able to get myself back...
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Gioconda Nuvilla Perez

Human Resources Mgr.

Ibarra, Ecuador

The Silva Ultramind System

"Here I am, willing to go in deeper into my subconscious to be able to achieve even greater things"

This is my first day in the Quest. I have been a seeker all my live, I started by taking a Silva Mind Control Seminar at age 16, now I am 62 yo. I have followed different paths, one important one has been "A Course in Miracles" which I studied for several years. Then in 2018 I took a 6 month...
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Viviana Mastrokalo


Lima, Peru

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