"This morning she got up saying she felt amazing"
The Silva Ultramind System

"This morning she got up saying she felt amazing"

Going from unsure to a miracle. When doing the projection into human anatomy yesterday, I was cautious. Vishen mentioned not to do an ex which had been my first idea so I decided to scan my close friend who is young active and full of energy goes running after ballet classes etc and is always full of beans. She is 25 and staying with me during the lockdown. I was cautious because I know so much about her and I wanted to be extra careful and delicate with scanning her body and did not want to invade her at all. So I gently went in and saw some black spots in her brain which I believed were there from childhood trauma when she was little getting told off at about 2 years old when she was not sure why, so I delicately healed those (not sure how but new they were healed) as I went further her liver was full of toxins and her kidneys said please give me more water. She has terrible allergies and suffers greatly, she also gets angry from time to time and we have talked about ways she can control her anger as it can blow up so quickly. She usually goes for a run or to an exercise class to get the anger out of her. I left her body after the kidneys told me about wanting more water and went about my day. She was up and we did our usual ballet class for 45 minutes. I didn't say anything to her about the meditation. After ballet class, she said she was tired, really really shattered and she thought she should go to bed. I encouraged to drink some water (I always am ) and said if there is ever a time to just go with what your body is asking now is the time and rest if you need to. She fell asleep came down for lunch then went straight back to bed and slept some more. She said she didn't know what has come over her she was exhausted. That afternoon I was waiting for a financial report and for some unknown reason I became furious and super angry with the poor person who I was waiting on. Usually, I am calm, peaceful, tranquil and known for that personality and demour. I did not react to the woman but was so furious I stood up and apologised to my friend who had just come down for more food and said I do not know what has come over me I am just so angry I have to give myself a time out and go out for a walk. My friend was there at the time and just looked at me, I apologised profusely for my rage in my office and took myself outside. As I walked along the river I talked to God and told him everything about the finances and my work and what He needs to do and what I am doing, bascially I had a massive rant at him - then apologised and then said thank you for everything. Relaxed and felt restored I drank in the divine colours of the grasses, wildflowers, the stormy grey clouds reflecting on the river and felt like myself again. Relived, I felt I had taken the anger and let it go along my walk. I hope you are still reading.... Here is the crazy bit. I went over the video lesson that night while I was in bed and realised I had forgotten to take my friends head off my head! Super worried about what I had done I gently placed her head back on her shoulders. This morning she got up saying she felt amazing (she looked well too) and she said to me the anger I saw you experience was exactly like my anger it could have been me I react exactly the same, but you know I feel so calm inside do you think you took my anger out with you and left it by the riverbank? Now could I have done that by forgetting to take her head off and having it on my head all afternoon? I honestly believe she is healed of her rages and that is exactly what happened

Sarah Glover


Cambridge, United Kingdom

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