"Joining you in an awesome Silva Ultramind experience"
The Silva Ultramind System

"Joining you in an awesome Silva Ultramind experience"

Hello team. I'm Mark, 28 years old from the Philippines. Four years ago when I first read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I was so amazed at the idea of how our mind influences our reality. It made a great impact on how I view myself with the kind of life I live at the moment. Indeed, this awareness left my heart wanting to understand the idea of how the universe works for us. 
I chose this quest for the following reasons: 
1. Learn to tap into the Higher Intelligence and maximize my God-given potential 
2. To inspire and be inspired by other questors 
3. To meet my version 2.0 after this 30-day journey Looking forward to discovering breakthroughs and friendships. 
Joining you in an awesome Silva Ultramind experience, 
Mark =)

Mark Anthony Yanto Manuguid

Project Engineer

Paranaque, Philippines

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