The Silva Ultramind System

"It reduces your stress and make you a positive person and also your manifestation goal power increases"

this course is very good.i highly recommend it. it reduces your stress and makes you a positive person and also your manifestation goal power increases. thanks to Silva Ultramind course and our instructor Vishen :)


web developer

Istanbul, Turkey

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The Silva Ultramind System

"I have been practicing daily meditations"

It’s day 1 so not much to write but yes very thrilled to have started this journey. I have been practicing daily meditations since quite some time and it’s really exciting to learn this new kind of Passive or Dynamic Meditation!
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Shivani Jain


Dubai, India

The Silva Ultramind System

"It is indeed a life-changing investment"

I am now much more aware of gifts I didn't even know I had inside of me. I apply healing to both loved ones and strangers I help as case work. I have tools such as the Three Scenes and the MentalVideo Techniques that will help me achieve all the goals I wrote down in the 3MIQs exercise.
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Kiara Turdera Visconti

Senior High School Student

Del Viso, Argentina

The Silva Ultramind System

"I have overcome my fears"

Before this program I was a ‘wandering generality’ of a person. My ideals would change with public opinion. This class changed all that. I found myself changing for the better. Last week I ran into a burning building and rescued a bulldog. I was able to use the the Silva Mind trainin...
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Photobiomodulation Holistic health

Folsom, United States

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