"It felt like magic"
The Silva Ultramind System

"It felt like magic"

The reason I enrolled in this Quest was to take another step towards my spiritual growth. Little did I know what awaited me was a lot more than a step. I actually feel like I have taken a big leap forward. I have being practicing meditation for a year or more using different apps and recommendations but had not been able to reach a level where I felt I was making progress. After the first week on the quest I was consistently reaching a level where I could bring my mind to blank and being totally relaxed, it felt like magic. As we progressed through the quest, I was so excited I wanted to not missed anything, and got myself a little confused for overthinking things. Then everything got better, and better. Now I can get to my Alpha level immediately and have learned different techniques I use to influence my life in ways I wish, and to help others in ways they need to be helped. I always had this deep feeling I had healing energy. I remember, a few years ago, I spontaneously applied this energy, through praying and hand-shadowing the body, of an ill gentleman I visited, he said he felt my energy and getting better. I was so happy, but after I left his home, I felt scared and guilty that I may had unconscionably mislead the man and his wife. I felt silly... Now I know this healing abilities are true, and I can apply them using the technique I learned, at a distance and be happy to hear about the results. I could go on for a while about other ways the quest has better my life, and I would like to hear from other students as well. Thank you Vishen for sharing your knowledge, skills and abilities with humanity. You are definitely making a dent in the world for a better today and tomorrow. May God Bless you and your team always.

Diana Ramirez

Transportation Engineer/Program Manager - Local Government

Valrico, United States

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The Silva Ultramind System

"You will be able to see this life different"

After taking this Quest I feel more confident about my life, what I want to do next, I am not worrying all the time about the money, my boyfriend and how to make him to support me more and all these, because now I trust a higher power, the Universe (God), which reveals...
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Adriana M


Vienna, Austria

The Silva Ultramind System

"I am looking forward to living a life that I have created with purpose"

Before this program I was searching for a mentor to help me better understand my spiritual gifts & how to apply them on a more conscious level. I came across this program & knew that my thoughts had been answered & signed up immediately. I have only just begun on this journey with Mindvalley...
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Leigh Brayley

Administration Assistant

Mill Park, Australia

The Silva Ultramind System

"I move onward and upward to expanded and clearer goals/visions with much gratitude"

While coming to the completion of this program we had a massive issue with the electrical input to our living complex--home, guest house, studio. We're in a charming old community and we'd had problems before but this time it seemed to be insistent--power stopping dead for a few minutes t...
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Anna Zimmerman

Beach Bum

La Mision de San Miguel, Baja CA Norte, Mexico

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