"It brings my body to complete relaxation"
The Silva Ultramind System

"It brings my body to complete relaxation"

So I have not completed the training fully as of now. I am still a student as we speak but one thing I know works for sure is the 321 method! It brings my body to complete relaxation and that has been GREAT!! Especially inside of this pandemic life has been very challenging but taking this class has helped me to relax better. I am not good at the visioning part. I am more of a hearer than a person of vision but I desire to be stretched in that area. But I really appreciate all the tools that have been given in these pass days

Shawna Brown

Hair stylist

New Orleans, United States

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The Silva Ultramind System

"Now I truly believe I can help anyone or anything in the world thanks to the Silva method"

This is my second Silva story but I felt like I had to share my experience of what happened. I was sitting in my office and my daughter came to tell me that there was a bird who got into our house. I went to see what happened and it was true that this small bird, who was terrified got into...
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Shahira Marei

CEO at The Dirty Cookie

Irvine, United States

The Silva Ultramind System

"This program has helped me stay centered and find ways to connect with positive energy"

I am a 72 y.o. African-American man and I'm into my 25th day of the program at a time when the United States is in turmoil over issues of racism and anti-blackness. My life has spanned some grave issues like the murder of 12 y.o. Emmit Till in 1955, the integration of Little Rock high schoo...
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Madison Thompson


Boston, United States

The Silva Ultramind System

"I am so hoping this program answers many questions"

Just starting this program while 2 days behind on a very challenging course regarding funnel building around a book I am creating. Behind, but trying to stay relaxed, focused and open to guidance. I am so hoping this program answers many questions, solves many perplexities, provides str...
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Thomas Eastes

retired/broke/creating new career

New Albany, United States

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