"I've used the 3 fingers technique to become attuned to a sales prospect"
The Silva Ultramind System

"I've used the 3 fingers technique to become attuned to a sales prospect"

I have been a student of Silva since the 7th grade. I took the class years ago and eventually took the Healing class from Laura Silva in Rochester NY (she replaced Jose who was sick, which tells you how long ago this was). 

I've used the 3 fingers technique to become attuned to a sales prospect: Program the night before to say / do the right things and reinforce before walking into the meeting. 

I've been a bit luckier than before Silva: I won at Super Bowl Squares - when the team who was winning "sat on the ball" rather than scoring again, thus keeping my squares in the winning position, when the winning team could have changed the score easily, but decided to mercy the other team. 

When dealing with a difficult person, I used the Mental Screen to have the difficult conversation while at level, rather than a face-to-face confrontation. The difficult person's disposition was better the next day and thereafter.

Lynn Ingberg

Sr. Project Manager

Beverly Hills, United States

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