"I move onward and upward to expanded and clearer goals/visions with much gratitude"
The Silva Ultramind System

"I move onward and upward to expanded and clearer goals/visions with much gratitude"

While coming to the completion of this program we had a massive issue with the electrical input to our living complex--home, guest house, studio. We're in a charming old community and we'd had problems before but this time it seemed to be insistent--power stopping dead for a few minutes then starting fully up again with a surge, then stopping everything again, alternating all day and all night until we could get an electrician out. If felt clear to me that Life was responding to the stepping up I did through this deepening of my long practice and telling me to let go and stop trying to work with old patterns and ideas. Release, Trust, and allow my Self and Life to replace these underlying old constructions, beliefs, that have interfered with my true power and kept me limited. They served me well for years and I am grateful, and it's time to let them go and be easily and quickly replaced with a new system that is able to handle all the power that's needed for living fully and fulfilling my purpose of awakening and sharing that in delightful ways with others. 

That work is successfully completed as I move onward and upward to expanded and clearer goals/visions with much gratitude for these new skills and a powerful, expanded practice to support that. I get that I can allow all the power there is to flow to me and through me because Life manages it totally and supports me in balancing it all. 

With love and appreciation.

Anna Zimmerman

Beach Bum

La Mision de San Miguel, Baja CA Norte, Mexico

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