"Do not underestimate the power of positive visualization"
The Silva Ultramind System

"Do not underestimate the power of positive visualization"

Before this Quest my life was heading toward a dark place that no one wants to experience. I had recently called off my wedding for a number of reasons. For a girl who has been dreaming of her special day since she was 12 or 13 years old, something like this can be quite devastating. I was blaming everything and everyone around me, but mostly myself. I kept asking the universe why this was happening to me? why me? I have always been the kindest and the most loving person who has never had bad intentions so what was I being punished for? I felt lost, like I had nothing to look forward to anymore, and the last six years of my relationship were a complete waste. I started to lose interest on social life, career, etc. until the day I stumbled upon a YouTube ad for Vishen's masterclass for Silva UltraMind quest. Vishen's positive affirmation and message delivered in that short ad caught my attention and I knew right away that it was THE sign I needed the most. I had a lot of self-improvement to do, the areas in which I've noticed the biggest change is the direction of my thoughts and overall shift in identity. It was a wonderful journey of 28 days, every day was better than the last. I felt alive, spiritually awakened and full of energy, almost like a dark cloud was lifted. My top 3 takeaways and insights after finishing this Quest are that you are always in control of the outcome of every goal and roadmap you have envisioned for yourself. Do not underestimate the power of positive visualization and looking forward receiving great things. Consistency is the key to best result so keep believing and expecting the best from the universe!! I am a very shy and private person, I find it difficult to share my thoughts and stories to even closest friends at times, but for some reason writing this felt good. Thank you Vishen and the team. xo

Richa Rao

Associate Project Manager

Toronto, Canada

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