"The Money EQ program has been most life-changing for me"
Money EQ

"The Money EQ program has been most life-changing for me"

The Money EQ program has been the most life-changing for me. Before the course my relationship with money was not healthy. Ken has helped to me to love and feel good. I like the way the program is presented and easy to understand. My relationship with money has improved and I also feel more content.

Thembie Gamache


Burlington, United States

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Money EQ

"I’m excited to be able to be part of this, and pinpoint where my wounds are."

I have money wounds for sure. I grew up in a neighbourhood where everyone had a lot of money, or at least it appeared that way? Maybe keeping up a appearances was happening in all households? Who knows? My father worked nights as a bartender and my mother was home with us 3 siblings.
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Eva-Lotta Opebiyi


Landskrona, Sweden

Money EQ

"I feel happier and blessed with what I have"

I feel happier and blessed with what I have . Thank you, Ken and Scott.
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Chan Pei Leng


Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Money EQ

"I am thankful to Ken Honda for the great course and quest he gave us during these 21 days"

Hi, I am a successful entrepreneur who achieved a lot of things in my personal and professional life. I got interested in this course because I wanted to understand how to expand our money container and also because I started to fear about my money container. I thank you Ken Honda for th...
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salvatore milanese


São Paulo, Brazil

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