"It left me with a positive vibe"
Money EQ

"It left me with a positive vibe"

I enrolled in this program after viewing it on Facebook. I liked what I heard, it left me with a positive vibe and made me want to learn more.

Loraine Francis

Early Chidhood Educator

Toronto, Canada

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Money EQ

"I really enjoyed Ken’s teaching and the meditation by Scott Mills"

I also enjoyed reading all the positive stories by the tribes members and the break through they had after finishing the course. I will share my success with you again once I finished mine. Thanks a lot to Vishen, Ken and Scott for their contribution.
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Sana Sadollah

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Money EQ

"It was a striking quest I went through and I cannot thank enough to Ken"

Thanks to this program, now I get to know the real meaning of how to make good friends with money and people relationships that relates to money more or less. I still have some my own money wounds, money fear type, and even a problem with finding my own happy money container which is big...
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Rumiko Hachisu


Kawasaki, Japan

Money EQ

"Ken Honda’s unique perception and new perspectives are rather intriguing"

I always have anxiety with money although I consider myself as a generous person with people around me. Ken Honda’s unique perception and new perspectives are rather intriguing! Already loving my first lesson!!!
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Naomi Sim


KL, Malaysia

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