"Becoming more aware of the flow of money"
Money EQ

"Becoming more aware of the flow of money"

Becoming more aware of the flow of money... I always gave gratitude for the ability to afford my lifestyle. Now I am anticipating the cup overflowing to be able to give more freely as well.

Marilyn Moldowan

Associate Broker

Calgary, Canada

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Money EQ

"I am becoming more aware of self-control and I learn to apply that."

At Mindvalley I have also experienced many eye openers. Recently the Money EQ from Ken Honda which gave me a lot of insights about money and wealth.
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Rita Sterkenburg


Lauwersoog, Netherlands

Money EQ

"Since watching the initial masterclass woth Ken & Vishen I am practicing arigato every time I spend money."

Since watching the initial masterclass with Ken & Vishen I am practicing arigato every time I spend money. Even though there has been an increase in my expenses along with increase in income in the space of a week, I notice that practicing this has reduced my anxiety. I stop and breathe in ...
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Paula Jennings


Roslyn Heights, United States

Money EQ

"Many breakthroughs with Mindvalley"

Many breakthroughs with Mindvalley, Attended A-Fest in 2013 - ever since very much part of the community and selected programs. Attended Money and You - and got to know about Ken Honda through my friend DC Cardova. Excited to take part in this Quest 'Money EQ'. Thank you!
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Adriane Hartigan-von Strauch

Love Coach, Match Maker and Film Editor

Auckland, New Zealand

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