"I am so happy with everything I have learned"
Money EQ

"I am so happy with everything I have learned"

Before taking the course, my relationship with money was like those topics that you know is wrong but you don't want to talk, I could get the money that I imagined but suddenly something happened and I lost it, which made me feel sad to feel that abundance was not for me, some years ago I began to realize that my relationship with money was the result of a trauma for my childhood, I look 4 help from various sides, however progress has been slow and when I started this course I returned to that moment so many years ago and I discovered more things that had affected me, and I was able to repair it internally, when I read the name of the course I felt it was the right one, "to heal the wounds of money" I have grown up with an alcoholic father, I have lived under the incest, assaults, we abandoned and worked those wounds for a long time, I was still there, the fear of releasing a job that I did not want and launching myself to live the life that I wanted, making that decision was always scary, today I am out of work but working on my dreams , i want to be a writer and in this course I found the certainty that I am on the right track, I am so happy with everything I have learned that I would like to take the course again! I love him!! I hope one day to meet Ken Honda in person, I admire him very much, thank you very much for creating this course!

Etelvina Fretez

Life coach

Miami, United States

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Money EQ

"I was stunned"

Whatever, I appreciate will appreciate. . Then I suddenly realized, ever since I started the habit of appreciating (thanking) my money, my wealth indeed appreciated!!! Woah!! How amazing the universe works. I was stunned and suddenly the dots joined. . I can’t wait to share this secret with you.
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Louisa Chong


Singapore, Singapore

Money EQ

"The shift that I received from this class, I can't really put in words"

It is an experience of something opening inside me. I feel more joy. I feel I am regaining my health. I don't have before picture but last night when I was in a video call with my sisters, I notice, I am looking way healthier than 21 days ago.
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Archanaa Ananda

Sr BSA/PM/Risk Manager

Portland, United States

Money EQ

"I just completed the 21 days and I do feel a shift of more awareness"

I just completed the 21 days and I do feel a shift of more awareness of what's going on around me and I also opened myself up to a new community of like-minded people. I'm definitely going back and start the quest over for a deeper dive into myself. Arigato
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Alfonso V Mendoza


Los Angeles, United States

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