"Thank you and i am looking forward to finishing the other programs"

"Thank you and i am looking forward to finishing the other programs"

Thanks to this program and other programs from Mindvalley i go more easily through my life, have more perspectives. Thank you and i am looking forward to finishing the other programs.

Schärli Roby

social worker and departements manager

Luzern, Switzerland

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"Thanks to Mindvalley I’ve been growing and filling my “tool box""

Thanks to Minevalley I’ve been growing and filling my “tool box”. So many great classes it makes me excited and happy happy happy for this journey I’m taking. It’s a wonderful feeling anticipating all that is to come...Hooray!!
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Grace Vasquez


Perris, United States


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United States

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"I look forward to my “me time” with Mindvalley every morning, afternoon and night time"

People ask me, “how do you have time?” I can honestly say that since I started Mindvalley I have been able to complete the sessions and continue with my normal routine because, I am finding balance, energy, self appreciation, and my TRUE SELF. Thank you, Mindvalley for helping me find MYSELF!
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Marianna Esposito

Behavioral Technician

Tucson, United States

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