"After joining Mindvalley, I have started enjoying my life"

I felt hopeless and with no interest, not knowing what I am doing, where I am heading in life. After joining Mindvalley, I have started enjoying my life. Everyday is a new learning. Still don't have a vision, but my intuition says I am heading towards my goal. Haven't read a single book in my whole life. Now enjoying reading. Have bought 6 books in last one month. This whole journey started with knowing about the book T"he Buddhas and The Baddas". Started growing in all aspects of my life. Going through other Quests and enjoying them all. Starting my Lifebook.

Vasanta Lakshmi Devarakonda

Software engineer/Frontend developer

Irving, United States

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"l can live an Extraordinary life in all areas of my life"

12 months ago l got to a time in my life where l had experienced an abundance of Joy n Happiness in my first grandchild was born and l felt so elated and thought l don’t think 🤔 life could get much better than this, then l became extremely emotional as my ex husband (we were married for 2...
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Student service administrator mindfulness facilitator Monash University

Safety Beach, Australia


"Mindvalley in general has been a life-changer for me"

Mindvalley in general has been a life-changer for me even before becoming an All-Access Member. I am deeply grateful to have discovered Mindvalley as it led to an awakening in my life that sometimes to this day I can't believe how radiantly alive I feel every day. I recently wrote an art...
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Anthony Lombardo

Digital Creator / Online Business Consultant

East Islip, United States


"I have acquired so much knowledge and new skills that I'm applying in my life"

I would just like to say that I am truly blessed to have found Mindvalley. It is a truly remarkable academy, with the world's number one teachers. Plus I feel very connected, Vishen is a fantastic human being, and a wonderful teacher. He explains things so clearly that's it's easy to unde...
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Danielle Ellis


Ronkonkoma, United States

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