If Our Higher Education System Is Broken, How Can We Fix It?

If Our Higher Education System Is Broken, How Can We Fix It?

“To gain a deeper understanding of these issues, I wanted to tap into the perspective of an entrepreneurial veteran – one who provides top-level educational programs to millions of students around the world. I was excited to catch up with Vishen Lakhiani, Founder and CEO of Mindvalley and author of the book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. Mindvalley designs and offers learning experiences from some of the most well-known authors in transformational education for over three million students worldwide.”


United States

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"Thank you team Mindvalley and all coaches for putting these wonderful courses in one jar"

I'm very Greatful to Almighty that from no where I bought this course at Mindvalley just two days back and in last 48 hours I have realized life has a lot for me restored and I just need to complete all courses here to become a better Me and create a positive Aura around me Thank you team Mi...
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Piyush kumar


Delhi, India


"The Mindvalley community has become that one place where I don't have to think twice before being myself"

Where there is warmth and support even on the coldest day. We've been hearing about nourishing our lives with mindfulness, but here you see all of that mindfulness in action. There is a mindful interaction with great attention to intentions and a conscious effort to bring all the love and care..
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Fatimah Agha

Artist, Fashion Designer and public speaker

Karachi, Pakistan


"Since last year I started to feel like I am waking up from a horrendous nightmare"

I sign up for a program called Becoming Limitless that it doesn't show in the list of programs to be selected. I lost interest and never finished. This was February 2018. I was going through other one of the tremendous turmoil in my life. ( I have to make a choice, so I choose Mindvalley t...
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Clemencia Staffanell

Retired Spanish Teacher

Decatur, United States

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