"Thank you for the platform for growth Mindvalley created for humanity"
Mindvalley for Business

"Thank you for the platform for growth Mindvalley created for humanity"

Initially, I started to sign up Mindvalley for personal use as I was exploring the exponential coach. Then the offer of unlimited caught my eyes and led the idea to share the access to wisdom to my direct reports. It was a social experiment to see the culture fit on a top leadership level. I want to believe if the top leader is transformed and empowered, the exponential impact will be spread to the frontliners. 
Due to the limited language capability of my people, I cannot offer expansively throughout the organization. I can testify as much as how Mindvalley contributed in instilling wellness of wellbeing in my top leadership team. When they are better at life holistically, the people they lead are more engaged and become more productive. There is no one silver bullet during this COVID Crisis, however, I believed it is the mindset & heart set shared from various masters here inspire my team to stay positive and resilient as we navigate the crisis as a company. Thank you for the platform for growth Mindvalley created for humanity As every Lovian purposed to inspire humanity to embrace love & together heal the world, your platform contributed empowerment, the inspiration for us to be our grandest version of our greatest vision in our best true self-expression in living the Lovian Purpose.

maxim mulyadi

CEO (Creative Enlightenment Oracle) @ Lovian inc

Ungaran, Indonesia

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Mindvalley for Business

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Aman Chawla

Founder & CEO Citilight

New Delhi, India

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