"I’m truly amazed at the ease and power of the techniques made available throughout this course"
Experience Lucid Dreaming

"I’m truly amazed at the ease and power of the techniques made available throughout this course"

An extra 8 hours a day to work on yourself. Has self-improvement ever been this easy? 

Charlie Morley has made this possibly one of the easiest and most powerful tools to self-mastery ever. If you study nothing else this year, learn this. 

Whether you are looking to heal parts of yourself, integrate your shadow self, or simply practice your perfect golf swing, this could be the course for you. Even as an occasional Lucid dreamer, with some experience of how useful my own dreams can be, I had no idea how powerful the shift would be once I started to learn how to get lucid consciously. 

These simple techniques, which anyone can learn, have helped me to better decode my dreams. No longer psychedelic and seemingly random snippets of the inner workings of my unconscious mind, I’m now able to see through the memories clearly and gain an understanding of what they wish to tell me. 

Lucidity in dreams leads to lucidity in life. This I didn’t expect, but in the few short weeks I’ve been doing this course, I have more clarity in my life, more confidence in my own abilities and I’m able to see more clearly the world around me. 
This alone would have been sufficient, yet the transformation doesn’t stop there… In the dream world, as everything is possible, the only limits are your imagination, go forth, explore, face your daemons and then be amazed at the positive changes that has on your waking life. 

During this course, I’ve not simply been removing limiting beliefs I’ve been obliterating them. Once you see it’s possible in your dreams, you wake with unshakeable confidence it’s also possible in the real world. I’m truly amazed at the ease and power of the techniques made available throughout this course. I never wanted this program to stop. 

Fortunately, as long as I’m able to dream, I’m able to enjoy and use the skills I’ve learnt throughout this incredible course. 

Thank you Charlie Morley and Mindvalley it’s been a real pleasure to share my dreams with you each evening.

Kay Maddock

Student of Energy

South Bend, United States

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Registered Nurse / Proxy Care Certified Trainer, Mental Health mainly IDD,

Rome, United States

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Kerry Fisher

Transformational Life Coach: Mindset, Peak Performance, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Finding Your True Purpose

NY, United States

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