Trust that I Can Achieve What I Want
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Trust that I Can Achieve What I Want

Greater clarity has grown and followed, but mostly I feel as if I recovered hope for the future and trust that I can achieve what I want, for which I have worked so much for all my life, and that I surely deserve, for my own good and for the world around me too.


Cultural figure, as a retired high school Teacher


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"I’m consistently moving toward my North Star!!!"

Before this program, I feel like I was just wondering aimlessly through life. Now, I have a solid plan! I’m consistently moving toward my North Star!!!
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Angelia Ellison

Corporate Recruiter

Port Orange, United States

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"How did my life go from 0 to 100 in a matter of few months? Lifebook!"

When I came across Mindvalley masterclass introducing Lifebook, my life was falling apart in all places. It was a continuous struggle to just hold on- forget making anything out of it! I didn't even know someone could fall apart in so many places and still carry on but there I was. Before l...
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Prashansha Sharma

United States

Lifebook Online

"I was able to focus for the first time in my life"

After completing Lifebook, I finally feel a sort of calm and direction. I have gotten what I wanted on paper. I can only expand from here and continue to add value to my families lives. It was so helpful to be able to take the time out of the day each week...
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Rebecca Sweet


Kimball, United States

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