Lifebook Online

"This approach is unique and straight to the point without any nonsense"

I love stories and I am excited that I am going to write the best story of my life. 
Before joining the program, I was searching for stories, heroes and inspirations. After the program, I realized everything lies within. My life could be an inspiration, I could be a hero and by end of life, or I would create a life story or story of a lifetime for someone else. 
Thank Jon and Missy for your time and noble mission. I have attended many personality development courses but most of them covered one or two topics in depth. But you have identified the complete spectrum of categories required for happy and fulfilled life. This approach is unique and straight to the point without any nonsense.

krishna chaitanya


Hyderabad, India

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Lifebook Online

"This is my story. I wrote my life vision, eyes closed."

This is my story. I wrote my life vision, eyes closed, and just the fingers on the keyboard and this is what I wrote. WOW! 5 years from now. I see myself so healthy and lean and muscular a little bit. I am free from any pain or sicknesses. I love exercising regularly and will be doing it w...
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Elma Chong


Lifebook Online

"Everything is falling into place and I feel happy again and I have a purpose."

Before this program I was lost once again on the crazy ocean of life on earth. I made a dramatic low score on the enquete of 51 (area 51, i felt like an alien...) To make a long story short, I wouldn't be surprised when I do the test now again that i score maximum..
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Carl Hendrickx

Retired Social worker for the public wellfare departement of the city of Antwerp / Belgium

Antwerpen, Belgium

Lifebook Online

"Lifebook is been an absolute revelation to me"

As soon as I started to become concious of the areas of my life that I was going to improve in, I started to see growth. After completing Lifebook I've just found that I'm a better parent/husband/friend and am so excited to continue my journey further to really unlock my full potention.
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Christopher Ross

IT Manager

Birmingham, United Kingdom

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