"Now I get to have a clear and precise vision and plan to work on and follow"
Lifebook Online

"Now I get to have a clear and precise vision and plan to work on and follow"

Before this program, I was feeling a bit lost. My sister gave me the advice to take time and decide precisely what I want in life. Then I stumbled upon the program and thought why not ? I'm pretty good at introspection but The Lifebook program has taken it to another level ! I knew what my dream life could look like but now I get to have a clear and precise vision and plan to work on and follow. I can't wait to take it one part at a time and build this amazing life. I've decided to leave my job in September so I guess I will have the time to do so ;-)

Raissa Sérapie

Future Creative Business Owner/Non-Profit Founder and CEO

Brussels, Belgium

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Lifebook Online

"Now I have the motivation to take action and get closer to my goals step by step"

Before this Quest I didn't had enough clarity about my goals and my direction in life. I had a goal here and there, but didn't really get it structured. My goals remained visions like some sort of wish in my mind. After taking this Quest I have a clear direction on all 12 categories in my...
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Gert Lemmens

Health care

Leuven, Belgium

Lifebook Online

“The biggest single result from the course has been noticing when I'm settling and putting up with less than I want.”

However, it shows up everywhere! It's the insight, and actually stopping, becoming present and fully feeling the cost that is new. It's because I've been the fish, swimming along asking "What water?". Then I listen to Jon talk about his life, and it's impossible NOT to notice my tendency to g...
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United States

Lifebook Online

"After completing the Lifebook program I am excited to have a plan for how I want my life to go"

Before doing the Lifebook program I didn't have a solid sense of what I really wanted out of life and where I saw my life going. I was saddened to think that I am in my forties and I wasn't satisfied with many aspects of my life namely fitness and financial. I had never really thought abo...
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Kate Thurston

Graphic Designer/Artist

Toronto, Canada

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