"Now I feel so clear on my vision and am finding it far easier to make the right decisions"
Lifebook Online

"Now I feel so clear on my vision and am finding it far easier to make the right decisions"

Before the Lifebook program, I felt lost and confused as to where to turn next. I had recently left the corporate world and got off the tedious treadmill, but now I had no idea what I was doing with my life. Having moved back home after leaving my job, relationship and most of my belongings at 30, I felt like a failure. 

During the program, it felt so empowering to take my life back. To see more clearly what I truly wanted in each category of my life. I started to notice patterns in each category and realised that actually they all fitted nicely together, my ideals reflected a positive change in multiple categories. Now I feel so clear on my vision and am finding it far easier to make the right decisions for me. I have realised how to make money in a career which is right for me. I know how to work more effectively on my health and fitness, as well as the importance that being in nature has on all of my categories of life. I feel far clearer about where I am going. 

Thank you to Jon, Missy and Alex for being so open, honest and sharing your authenticity with us all. I am so grateful for your courage and hope one day I can do the same to help people live their best life.

Naomi Manley

Travel Planner and Blogger

Swindon, Slovenia

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