"No matter on which path you are walking, this will bring you forward"
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"No matter on which path you are walking, this will bring you forward"

I started my personal path in 1992 and as a result of this quest for harmony and happiness I nowadays work as a facilitator and help people to overcome difficult moments and stressful situations.
In the last 27 years I have read tons of books, taken endless courses, seminars and retreats and am studying continuously new techniques and approaches that I can use for myself and my clients to make things even more effective and smooth. 
Looking back I can say that many things did improve in my life, but there was no consistency and my biggest struggle was to create what I really wanted in ALL areas of my life, which Lifebook finally did resolve!
My biggest ‘aha’ moment was when I noticed with how much ease the things I wanted to create did start to show up, even if I have not yet written down everything in all details... How powerful is that? And so far the best “coincidence” was that I met a very interesting man during in the week we did work on the topic of love! Isn’t that just magic!? ?
How Lifebook did transform my life…? 
Well, besides that I got a lot of very valuable new insights about myself, about what I want and with whom I want it, I have a much clearer vision for my life, which is why I would recommend Lifebook to everyone! No matter on which path you are walking, this will bring you forward and beyond what you thought is possible!

Sabine Schuh

United States

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