"Lifebook helped me discover what I truly want in life"
Lifebook Online

"Lifebook helped me discover what I truly want in life"

Participating in Lifebook course helped me discover what truly want in life and how to find the confidence to go after what I want. It brought me clarity about my life vision and consistently made me realise that I can truly achieve it if I put my time, effort and energy into it. Lifebook also highlighted the fundamental categories that I need to look at in order to live a fulfilling life. Moreover, how these need to be balanced because they are all interdependent. It was an amazing experience and I want to congratulate you for creating Lifebook and sharing it with us. Thank you!

Simona Matache


United Kingdom

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Lifebook Online

"This is just the beginning of my well-improved extraordinary life!"

Dear LifebookersI am so glad that the Universe sent me Life book Program.It is a wonderful tool to awake awareness towards our life. Thank you so much Jon and Missy!Before I joined Life book, I was already living an extraordinary life, but I never could imagine how my life would improve in s...
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Tulasi Ilen

Pre-school Head


Lifebook Online

"This really changed the way I look at everything"

I completed Jon and Missy Butchers Life Book Program which was amazing!! This really opened my eyes to think in terms of living a 12 Category Lifestyle. Some categories I never really thought about before until now. I will admit there was so much information and I know it's a lifetime process...
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Chandra Moore

Fashion Stylist

Brooklyn, United States

Lifebook Online

"Lifebook has been an amazing process for me to take my time and think through and develop the clarity I needed"

I attracted Lifebook into my life as I was embarking on a new transition from corporate life into full entrepreneurship. I decided to move across the country to live with my boyfriend and press the restart button on my life and create a new normal. I started Lifebook in January and moved to...
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Valentina Barton


United States

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