Lifebook Online

"It's been a truly transformative experience and my life now is becoming a beautiful tapestry of my own making"

Before I began this program I used to plan my life in general terms focusing on material goals I wanted to achieve and occasionally factoring other aspects of my life as I become aware of the need to develop in different areas. After completing Lifebook online, thinking deeply about and planning my life in terms of the 12 categories really provided such an incredibly strong vision and structure for my developments. It's been a truly transformative experience and my life now is becoming a beautiful tapestry of my own making. I get to choose the colors, shapes, and scenes and can change them as I evolve to suit my stage of development. Truly such a wonderful experiences! Very empowering! I have greater clarity about what I want, what I like, where I am going and I know why!

Daleen Baker

English Language Teacher / IELTS Examiner Trainer

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Lifebook Online

"This program helped me get so much clearer in my life"

Just from being so clear, everything has started to change. I’ve completely changed the person I am in the last 2 months and I am beyond excited. I have seen my life started to change already, I’ve seen my behavior change, ive seen my decisions change. Now it’s just a matter of time...
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Daniel De Zamacona

Tennis Coach and Aspiring Life Coach

Kansas City, United States

Lifebook Online

Going deep into all these categories has shifted my perception

Before Lifebook, while fairly clear about my goals, I felt a bit more reactive. Thanks to Lifebook, I feel a greater sense of inner peace which has been an internal shift in how I see things and interact with others. And now, my life is more about getting to the heart of the matter. Going deep in...
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Patricia Gunther

Managing Director, Non-profit

United States

Lifebook Online

"Lifebook gave me the confidence back that can achieve all my life goals."

Life is complex. We start in life full of hope and dreams. But, as time goes by, we find ourselves discouraged and confused. We encounter setbacks and difficulties. We ask our dear ones how to overcome them, but not always we get the right answer. We lose hope and confidence in our abilities to f...
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Irina Mihai



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