"I view myself as a powerful goddess"
Lifebook Online

"I view myself as a powerful goddess"

Three years ago I had subscribed to Lifebook Lite program from Mindvalley. But actually, never completed it. There was one video every day to watch and work on, I felt quickly overwhelmed, missed a few days and had the feeling I could never catch up. 
However I remained convinced Lifebook was a great process and that “one day “ I’ll go through the quest again.
So when I saw the offer for a full refund if completed on time, I thought this is my chance! The deadline will kick my ass when and if I need to. 
And here I go. Full engagement. 
My biggest realisations are:
- I am able to learn and practice who I want to be: in the Emotional Life category, in the Character category, in my Love and Social Relationships, in my Parenting. I am not defined by brules, I get to create myself.
- During the Lifebook process I finally got at peace with me being a stay-at-home mother [and this is the main reason I wanted to start a Lifeboolk]. I made that decision only a few months before starting Lifebook, but somehow I could not “swallow” that choice fully. I embrace my role as the backbone of the family. This is a noble, fulfilling life. I don’t view myself anymore as sacrificing my corporate career. Instead, I view myself as a powerful goddess. Any other occupation like a job I may want to develop when my children are bigger will be secondary and just a bonus. My career, to be a successful career, doesn’t have to bring money. This realisation, came from some Q&A [Missy talking about her role as a “stay-at-home mother” ] and somebody from the tribe sharing that her choice to stay hone with the kids ticks all the boxes of a successful career: consciously chosen, contributing and bringing high value to others, accepting the financial consequences.
- Gratitude is THE key.

Bonus (at least as important!)
My husband got very curious and interested. He watched the LOVE video and found it very inspirational. Slowly, slowly, I see some changes in the way we treat each other and it gives me so much hope for our relationship again.
In fact my husband encouraged me to subscribed to Mindvalley Mastery so that I would keep the ‘Online’ content and that he would be able to go through the program as well!

Céline Lecomte



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