"I’ve had an immense shake up and being pushed out of my comfort zone and into my dream zone"
Lifebook Online

"I’ve had an immense shake up and being pushed out of my comfort zone and into my dream zone"

I decided to try a Mindvalley program because I was feeling very stuck in life. I had a job that didn’t pay well given the level of responsibility, skill and hours required. It was safe as it paid my mortgage but it was deeply unsatisfying. My health is awful and I’m riddled with arthritis at a relatively young age. My long hours at work kept me from having the time to prepare nutritious meals and to exercise. The week I started Lifebook Online, my new boss demoted because I took sick leave and I had finally had enough and quit my job. I now have the time to focus on my health and use my business skills to develop my own coaching business to teach kids life skills so they can grow up to live empowered and fulfilling lives. It’s only been 4 weeks since I started with Mindvalley and I’ve had an immense shake up and being pushed out of my comfort zone and into my dream zone. I can’t wait to see the amazing changes that I’m certain will unfold in the next 12 months. And I bought a puppy now that I have time and he makes me immensely happy...sorry just had to throw that in 😁

Vin Govindan

General Manager

Strathfield, Australia

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Michele Ramos

Engineer, Yoga Teacher, ThetaHealer

Makati City, Philippines

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Patty Kitchen

United States

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