"I loved the course and its life-changing push"
Creating Transformations

"I loved the course and its life-changing push"

Before the program I had many ideas floating in my mind and also filmed some videos for another course for baby first aid/CPR, but I always stopped myself from finishing it and actually publishing the course. Mostly due to fears and insecurities, all those lovely critical voices, all of which are still there, but I just choose not to listen to them now. Even though I did not engage much with others on FB, I am very grateful for this course and it really helped me take action and pushed me to finish. I feel proud of myself and would recommend this course to anyone who needs some guidance and accountability to finish. Now I can help many people out there who are suffering with worries and anxiety and see no way out. I can give them hope and really simple tools to let go and embrace peace and self-compassion instead. Thank you, I loved the course and its life-changing push I needed. My first aid training company has not been trading since March 2020 and this is my new adventure. I no longer feel the need to give away my gifts for free, I deserve to be paid. This course enabled me to take my first step into an incredible new business. Thank you again. Love and Peace Darija

Darija Fatovic

Inner Power Sloution Eutaptics Practitioner

Banstead, United Kingdom

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Creating Transformations

"The detail of the course was exceptional"

It was incredible and I have to say that the detail of the course was exceptional and I feel so ready and confident in my work. I have been recommending this course to all of my coaching friends so that we can all start making this world a better place, one powerful course at a time!
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Tanah Chaplin

Life Coach

Johannesburg, South Africa

Creating Transformations

"I was able to easily create an online course I am happy with"

Before this program I honestly had no idea how I was going to create an online course. I had just come across the idea and then stumbled upon this program and I am so grateful I did because as a result, I was able to easily create an online course I am happy with. Jason was a pleasure to lis...
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Lugeen Sayed


Reading, United Kingdom

Creating Transformations

"Thanks to the program, I dared to shoot 3 videos"

Before the program I had never dared to shoot a video of myself. Being a full introvert, I loathed seeing myself on videos, absolutely hated taking pictures of myself. Thanks to the program, I dared to shoot 3 videos. First I thought I would go for the safer option and just coast along by...
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Laszlo Mezei

Business Coach

Székesfehérvár, Hungary

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