"I know it will be work, but I am in it to win it!"
Lifebook Online

"I know it will be work, but I am in it to win it!"

Before LIFEBOOK I had been on my INNER journey for 26 years. I am currently smack dab in the middle (energetically) of my biggest transformation CREATION yet, my career as an artist paying me millions a year. I wanted to FINE tune & level up with LIFEBOOK, and I am thrilled at the gifts I have received! For the last 6 years I have attracted EVERY DESIRE TO ME, I simply lined it up energetically, then KNEW, beyond beyond it was already mine, and lived from that stand point, but I am so busy it is easy to loose track of vital work such as food & movement when I get too busy. I created the Creation Process Gameboard to keep on track but needed more assistance. 

I know it will be work, but I am IN IT TO WIN IT! So WOO HOO! THANKS to LIFEBOOK I have a detailed plan and road map to follow, LICKITY split I am assured!

And now, I fine tuned my nutrition even more with Jons ideas, as well as finance & career, my "tied together" areas, as Lifebook saw and pointed out after my assessment. I will continue on with my toolbox ~ physical & metaphysical ~ even more overflowing, abundant with all good things meant just for me.



Krista Carlton

Expansionist ~ Artist

United States

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Chuck Watkins

CEO, Watkins Insurance and Financial Services Inc.

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