"I have improved my character and I am preparing for my soulmate that I now know is here for me"
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"I have improved my character and I am preparing for my soulmate that I now know is here for me"

I was stuck before I took the Lifebook quest. I was feeling helpless and tired. I am now overwhelmed with the newly discovered possibilities that are now present and active in my life. To make it feasible and doable to change permanently for the better has been an amazing eye-opener and relief for me. I joined to renew my sense of self and I was greatly pleased at the introductory class and the fact that I could get a refund if I wanted to and of course, I am in mastery and learning so much more in-depth about success and progress and how to obtain it. 

Basically, I was on the verge of giving up and then came Mindvalley and exploring it gave me the courage to stand up and fight for my dreams. This is a quest with long term growth and boldness to achieve my goals and dreams. I now am very confident that if I believe it I can achieve it and I am on my way. I recommend it to others because it has set me free. I wanted to keep the quest as well as motivating the masses with the incredible push toward wealth, health and abundant life. I just did my first shoot of a video that will be coming soon and I look forward to sharing and the critiquing that I will get from my community.

The preparation that I have started is looking to get a building donated and the items needed to become fully functional for my Transformation Train nonprofit. I can now explore many more avenues on my now amazing journey. The restructuring of my fears, brules and childhood fears around abundance and money have been dispelled. I have never felt so confident and free. I am networking and researching in a completely different light. Meditation, gratitude journaling and health and exercise have shown me amazing results and are a permanent fixture in my life now and for the most part I am achieving my goals and I feel better than I have in years. I drink my green drink most everyday and I continue to get my house in order to get rid of baggage. It has been so helpful and progressive to have a tangible blue print for a better and complete life. I am somewhat broke but no longer broken. I am making much better choice and being productive everyday. "I always say you must lose he hate to lose the weight". This year, 2020 represents clear and perfect vision for me, so I am a constant forward motion with my life and I am very committed. I have helped people all of my life from all ages and manners of life. Because of my enhanced concentration I am able and suited for climbing my ladder of my success with a clear vision and how to reach it. I know I can travel build and expand my dreams with profound effort and insight.

 My purpose is to work with today's Black youth in becoming viable contributors to their communities doing what they love and are purposed for. I am here to help them heal and grow healthy to love others and work as teams to achieve their dreams; as my son says, "Dreams don't just come true you have to make them happen" and you Missy and Jon have given me the blueprint to assure this happens for me. My profound growth are in the areas of intellect and health, yes I can do it and I can create beyond my imagination in a positive and permanent way. I am very grateful for the changes that I and others see in my life. I have improved my character and I am preparing for my soulmate that I now know is here for me. 

I tell my story everywhere I go and I am seeking out a platform to share this on. I now believe I can fly I no longer have limits; the sky is just a resting place along my journey to absorb all the lessons and beauty along the way. In other words to refuel. I have experienced 2 unexpected deaths at the same time and funerals were the same day and time just different churches. This and other issues that required my immediate attention arose and this slowed down my progress with life mastery but I am still working and getting back on board. "I say stay blessed for success always". I spread the word of Mindvalley and wish the best to those who might be interested. It has definitely changed my life for the better forever. Thank you and peace and blessings always

Renee Bryant

business owner working with youth to assist them in becoming their best selves

Aurora, United States

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