"I can’t describe how empowered I am now"
Lifebook Online

"I can’t describe how empowered I am now"

Before this program i was stuck in a very physical job, wishing i could get out of it but to attached to the money to leave it. I felt like i had no choices being in a small town, and after i had to go through a shoulder operation i changed and went on a self discovery journey that led me to lifebook. I can’t describe how empowered i am now, and how my life has changed. I am studying to be a trainer to share my experience to others in my field, and get of the tools. Im getting my health back in order and creating a new daily routine that has given me freedom . I am so appreciative of this experience, i had never analysed my life and thought about what i really want this in depth, what a game changer . Thank you Jon and Missy for creating lifebook and sharing it.

Callum Clifford

Training consultant

Coffs harbour, Australia

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Lifebook Online

"I feel like I can achieve my goals, because now they are defined"

I feel that all the info I have export out from me thanks to the guideline of Jon and Missy, have empowered my life....
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Christian Mario Pagano


Lifebook Online

"I guess Lifebook happened to me because I was true to myself in finding the right path & self growth"

Lifebook happened at a perfect time in my life. I was struggling to find a path & understand the direction for my life, with Emotions, relations, career & intellectual category being my major focus.
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Vaishali Dobhal

Manger, operations & sales

Delhi, India

Lifebook Online

"Finally, I have clarity around my life vision and it feels amazing"

I have completed many courses with Mindvalley including A Fest in Portugal last year and it was incredible. Most recently I completed Lifebook online and have moved onto Lifebook Mastery. Finally I have clarity around my life vision and it feels amazing. I love Lifebook and Mindvalley.
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Vicki Williams

Business Owner

Brighton, Australia

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