"I am much calmer, much more satisfied and I feel a lot of gratitude"
Lifebook Online

"I am much calmer, much more satisfied and I feel a lot of gratitude"

Before starting this program I was pretty confused and onsattisfied with my career and my life in many segments. I wanted to change my life but I didn t know how. Also, when I started it was a quarantine due to Corona pandemia and it influenced me a lot. I was full of fear and anxiety. I couldn t focus. 

Lifebook process made me feel positive again, it helped me to move focus from bad things to positive and inspiring way of thinking, to look at my life from another perspective. Now, after finishing it, I have much clearer picture of what I want and what strategy should I implement in my life to get me there. I am much calmer, much more satisfied and I feel a lot of gratitude. I ve learned a lot and I am sure that this knowledge, together with daily meditations, will change my life complitely.

Renata Bučić Milovac

Owner of the event agency Vivido

Zagreb-Dubrava, Croatia

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Lifebook Online

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Pooja Yadav

A proud Sister, daughter and Life Explorer


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