Lifebook Online

"Gaining more and more positive and confidence everyday towards my goals"

Before this program, I was disorganized in life. Did not have any life goals for the future. My only goal then was to live through the days and regret, get depressed, and curse myself for not thinking on life goals. Thanks to this program which gave me an insight of 12 life categories and helped to visualize and set my life goals. After doing this program, I feel happy that I have set my life goals and working on each categories goals. Gaining more and more positive and confidence everyday towards my goals by implementing the Lifebook tool in my life.


Software developer

Bengaluru, India

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Lifebook Online

“It’s seriously transformational.”

Lifebook has been truly instrumental in getting clear on what's really important in my life. More importantly, the practices provided made my compelling Life Vision real right now. You step into the future and allow the Vision to pull you forward. Out of all of the courses I've taken in the ...
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United States

Lifebook Online

“Now I have a place to capture everything I learn”

Absolutely the best program I have ever done! Not only did I learn a lot about myself and set a direction for my life, I now have a place to capture everything I learn that I want to incorporate. It is a living document that I scribble notes and quotes on all the time and I check in with daily. L...
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Elyse Hudacsko Rosati

New Jersey, United States

Lifebook Online

"I can see how my life will improve in so many ways."

I have let life happen to me. Looking back I have had a great life and there is little that I would do differently. However, I felt like I was cruising along, I was not living life to it's fullest potential. With Lifebook I have the tool to review and set out what I want and to go after it. ...
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Joakim Jonsson

General Manager


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