"Aged 35 I started studying again"
Lifebook Online

"Aged 35 I started studying again"

On my initial Instra-Spec Assessment, I scored 102 - Above Average, which confirmed the way I was feeling about myself and my life. 
Despite not having much time to dedicate to Lifebook (in more than one occasion I worked on it at the weekends) and feel I should take time later to re-do it more thoroughly, the second time I took the Instra-Spec Assessment I surprisingly scored 126 - Extraordinary! Although I was surprised because I feel my health and fitness must improve very much and my love life must improve dramatically, I am pretty chuffed at this result! 
I spent 35 years of my life deeply depressed (coming from a harsh family environment), with a couple of very bad bouts and having been suicidal on more than one occasion. Nowadays I have little relationship with my parents and siblings. On the other hand, I have been gifted with acute self-awareness, curiosity, a good open mind and also a good dose of courage. 
Thanks to my attitude to life, I feel the Universe has helped me greatly and has ensured that I would overcome what seemed my life-long legacy of depression and emotional instability. Aged 35 I started studying again, I qualified as a Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist and within a few years changed my career. I started working on myself aged 13 and I haven't stopped yet. I have two categories to improve a lot but as I realized doing my Life Vision category, I am very clear who I am and where I am going and I am totally positive about my future, it's like I own it already, but I had not realized that, and how my life is already extraordinary. 
I've always known I have achieved way more than most people do in their lifetime but to see it in the graph of my second Intra-Spect Assessment has given me a well-deserved boost! During the course of Lifebook, I have doubted sometimes that I could get much better in my final result, considering the initial already high score, but hey, I am the proof that there's no end at how much better you can become once you have a strategy and work it to make it happen! ;-)

Penelope Toniaccini

Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

Dublin, Ireland

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