"This program helped me find my purpose in life and to have goals again and to see the bright side of life"
Lifebook Mastery

"This program helped me find my purpose in life and to have goals again and to see the bright side of life"

Before this program, I wasn’t fully aware and conscious of where my life should be going. I am a very emotional person and had been driven by them a lot. I several times took decisions that were not very conscious and brought me down some very sad and painful paths and emotionally out of balance. They led me to a complete state of emotional depletion and burnout and a life without focus and goals in any area of my life. I felt lost and was full of fear to lose everything in my life. And I almost did! Until I came across Lifebook. 
This program helped me find my purpose in life and to have goals again and to see the bright side of life. I’m still in the process of setting up my business as a coach now and am on the path of recovery. I am so thankful for the program of Jon and Missy and I learned so much about being the master of my own life. I also did Vishen’s six phase meditation and am enrolled in several other courses. 
Lisa Nicols also had a great impact on me, she is also one of those mentors that help me to understand my inner processes. T
hrough Mindvalley my inner world really started to change and now I can bring my light to the world. I now understand what my life’s purpose is. Thank you so much, you all are doing a wonderful job in helping people to transform.

Claudia Kälin

Self Mastery Coach

Zurich, Switzerland

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Janis Hülsemann

Physician in Neurology, St. Bernward Hospital Hildesheim, Germany

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Gregory Pacificar

Director of Digital Content

Los Angeles, United States

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