"What I got was far more than expected"
Life Visioning Mastery

"What I got was far more than expected"

I happened to run into this program (via web browsing) while practicing the meditations of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Those meditations require visioning and surrendering. I wasn´t quite sure of how to do that, specially the "surrender" state of being. Hoping that Michael's course would give some practical teachings about that, I decided to enroll. What I got was far more than expected, as the course gives you a wide selection of spiritual practices that help you do two things: first, dig deep into your own personality and find the root source of your un happiness; second, to embrace such an abundant set of practices that you can -litle by litle- replace each and all of the un-functional small and big habits that led you to the unsatisfactory life that you are trying to change now. 35 days pass fast and not every mind is prepared to integrate all of the techings and practices at once, so from the fourth week I knew I was going to repeat the course, and that's what I'm doing now. Michael is a beautiful person and a great master, and he conveys the message in a very easy way.

Pablo Rossell

Senior Executive

La Paz, Bolivia

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Life Visioning Mastery

"I am stronger and a more complete person"

I loved this challenge; I have always loved the way Michael Beckwith teaches. He is so clear And so kind and understands people. While doing one of the meditations in this challenge, I became aware of the many pieces of myself that I was missing, and I was able to pick them up one by one...
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Carol Brennan

Retired registered nurse

Waynesville, United States

Life Visioning Mastery

“I would highly recommend learning from Michael Bernard Beckwith, he is the best in his field \”

Something shifted, old perception released and I now use this awareness and meditation practice to stay expanded and open-minded. I now take responsibility for my own life and how I respond to circumstances. I feel more balanced and happily free. And instead of...
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Nataliya Gubina

Life Visioning Mastery

"The biggest surprise from this program that I see the past differently"

It is a very strange feeling, looks like I am a higher "level", point of view. Like looking around the top of the mountain giving a wider view than standing at the bottom of it. Funny that this feeling came during pushing the buggy. :) I am grateful for this interesting program that kept...
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Szilvia Kiralyhazi


London, United Kingdom

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