"This program has allowed me to approach life in a much better way than I was able to before"
Energy Medicine

"This program has allowed me to approach life in a much better way than I was able to before"

Before I started this journey I can honestly say I just felt absolutely miserable. I was really discontent with life and just everything and everyone it including myself. I was extremely skeptical of this program because I didn’t know really too much about energy. But I’m glad I listened to my intuition because after I was going through and completed this journey my life started to feel easier and more bearable. This along with other methods of self improvement led to miraculous changes in my life; I started and still do have a better outlook on life this program has allowed me to approach life in a much better way than I was able to before. An immense thank you to Donna, David, Titanya, and Dondi for all their hard work and effort. And a huge thank you to the Mindvalley team for making this program possible possible.

Dillon Scofield


Chalmette, United States

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Energy Medicine

"It changed not only myself but my whole family"

I’m so grateful for this course with Donna Eden. She was like a sun lightening and warming my heart so I could face my challenges without fear and anxiety. But the best part: I don’t need to go to a therapist or a healer..
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eimotion Design Studio

Bad Hindelang, Germany

Energy Medicine

“I think Energy Medicine has been the most enlightening study so far”

Originally from the UK, I became single in 1996 after 31 years of marriage, so I decided to set up home in Canada again after many years traveling and working globally. At this point in time, I asked myself about LIFE. What is it? Who steers it? What part does the Universe play? Is there a G...
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Margaret Faux-Hosea


Energy Medicine

"I recommend everybody to do this course as I feel stronger, feel better and my back pain is much less noticeable"

I enrolled in the quest because I often felt tired and because of my back pain. I wanted to have more energy and feel better. I do the daily energy routines every day and now have more energy and I am confident that I personally can do something for my health and well-being without pills. I ...
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Martina Baumgartner

Translator English

Nürnberg, Germany

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