“The result feels wonderful”
Energy Medicine

“The result feels wonderful”

The result feels wonderful

Helga Holtmann

United States

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Energy Medicine

"I am rediscovering myself after recovering from 7 strokes"

I am rediscovering myself after recovering from 7 strokes and have bipolar disorder...
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Sara Hyde Eidenbach

Artist, Ukrainian Eggs, Word-Dudelles

High Rolls, NM, United States

Energy Medicine

"I am really happy I took part in this program"

Thanks to this program of Energy Medicine course of Donna Eden and David Feinstein, it added further to my understanding and information. I especially loved the Daily Energy routine which I have now integrated into my daily life. As well as the Figure 8 and Chakra cleansing. I also...
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Citadel Cruz

Sound Healer

Quezon City, Philippines

Energy Medicine

"I'm interested in a deeper understanding"

just want to dive in a little deeper into the energy aspect of an individual's pain and discomfort. I have been experimenting on myself for several years. Also I have gained knowledge from working with the bodies of so many people in pain and discomfort. I'm interested in a deeper understandin...
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Julie S. Nelson

Licensed Massage and Body Work Therapist

Davidson, United States

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