Energy Medicine

"I love Donna's way of teaching"

Before the energy program I would get tired around 2pm - time for a big nanny nap of about a hour in the weekends. Pre covid19 lock-down that was not easy and I just got tired at work, and would always fall asleep on the train coming home (1 hr journey). As Covid19 hit I saw this energy program and though it would be something handy to do over lockdown. Since I've tried to do all or bits of Donna's daily routine that have similarities to prior health avenues I have explored (Korean Meridian and Dan Millman's Peaceful Warrior exercises), I'm less inclined to get that afternoon tiredness, of if I take a nap, I set a timer only for 30 mins 'power nap' and upon awakening, I do some tapping and I am more alert (especially triple warmer items). My new favorite in particular, if I'm walking (anywhere around the house or down at the beach) the homo-lateral exercise that I do to a 20 count same hand same knee, then 20 count cross over hand knee, and 5 full repetitions of that, has really helped me sleep better. (although in lockdown I still have some weird dreams but apparently that can happen and is stress related) I love Donna's way of teaching, full of enthusiasm. Although the course was expensive ($650 NZD) I think I will get the value of benefit over the coming years. We are now out of lockdown in NZ and to date only 21 covid deaths - so we are at what NZ calls level 2 meaning we are allowed to carefully expand our bubbles and see wider family. I'll see if I can try some of Donna's test on them - can't wait.

Emmet King

Technology - Architect

Paraparaumu, New Zealand

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Energy Medicine

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Elli Dalton


Wainwright, Canada

Energy Medicine

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Anita Elzinga

practitioner complaints by a health care and a yoga teacher

Groningen, Netherlands

Energy Medicine

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Jessica Robson

Claims Assessor

Brisbane, Australia

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