"I feel much better"
Energy Medicine

"I feel much better"

I have small intestine obstructions often - Crohn's disease. I started the Energy Medicine course for week 1 "Fuel Your Vitality" with Donna and David yesterday and within 2 days of practicing the daily energy exercises, I feel much better. Looking forward to completing this course with great teachers. Thank you.

Farida Engineer

Executive Assistant, Coca-Cola Ltd.

Toronto, Canada

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Energy Medicine

"Thanks Vishen, for getting out such lovely programs and impacting and raising the planets' thinking!"

I am a healer, it is an innate sense within me. This is been my way of living, since a kid. Being sensitive, I would be aware of energies around me, good ones, the bad and the vile ones too. It was a common question to me, constantly looking for and checking with people around, telling myself, 'w...
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Sapna Sudarshana

Founder, SIEVE

Bengaluru, India

Energy Medicine

"I am enjoying the journey"

I have been struggling to remove the blocks in my subconscious. Thanks to Energy Medicine and Unlimited abundance Quests, they helped "peel the onion"... There is still along road for me to get there but I am enjoying the journey. Mindvalley is such a blessing to many.
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Elienor Llanes

Company owner

Milano, Italy

Energy Medicine

"I have more energy now and I can handle stress much better"

Before this program my energy was low through a long stressful situation, where I am still in. Thanks to the DER I feel a change: I have more energy now and I can handle stress much better. when I walk I notice that I have gained more stamina. I am very enthusiastic about the course and l...
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Loes Mol


Miil Bay, Canada

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