"I feel much better"
Energy Medicine

"I feel much better"

I have small intestine obstructions often - Crohn's disease. I started the Energy Medicine course for week 1 "Fuel Your Vitality" with Donna and David yesterday and within 2 days of practicing the daily energy exercises, I feel much better. Looking forward to completing this course with great teachers. Thank you.

Farida Engineer

Executive Assistant, Coca-Cola Ltd.

Toronto, Canada

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Energy Medicine

"Donna Eden's Energy Medicine helps to deal with everything: bedwetting, illnesses, pain, emotional distress"

It teaches you the tools that you go into your own body and correct it and feel empowered in those changes
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Tara Beck

Energy Medicine Practitioner

United States

Energy Medicine

"The first module was terrific and full of useful tools!"

I have had a life long battle with being tired since age 11. This, oddly enough is around the time I was diagnosed with thyroid problems. Now, as I begin this energy journey, I am excited to learn techniques and reasoning behind them to have sustainable energy and fantastic health. The fi...
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Ashley Pearson

Painter + Instructor / Paint Social

Preble, United States

Energy Medicine

"I am really happy I took part in this program"

Thanks to this program of Energy Medicine course of Donna Eden and David Feinstein, it added further to my understanding and information. I especially loved the Daily Energy routine which I have now integrated into my daily life. As well as the Figure 8 and Chakra cleansing. I also...
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Citadel Cruz

Sound Healer

Quezon City, Philippines

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