"I am hoping that what I learn in this course I can apply to my daily life, help my clients"
Energy Medicine

"I am hoping that what I learn in this course I can apply to my daily life, help my clients"

When I was in my early 20s, I began having anxiety attacks. I didn't know what I was going though at first but later I found out that my mother had the same issue and she had been suffering from anxiety and depression for most of her life. Personally, I do not like taking pills and I always try to find natural ways to feel better. I was getting ready for my wedding and I knew I wanted to have kids soon after, so I did not want to depend on a pill I would not be able to take once I became pregnant. I decided to take on yoga and a 30 minute hot bath daily after work. Yes, it took so time, however I began to feel better. I did some research and learned about anxiety and started applying some techniques to help me manage better. Eventually, I went back to school and I know have two Master degrees in Clinician Psychology and I work as a clinician in a High School as well as having my own private practice (CreativeThinkingStrategies.com). Due to my personal experience with anxiety and depression, that is what I specialize in. I also did the research for anxiety for an Apple App called EMMA (emotional manager) which helped me learn even more. I recently came across this course and it sound like a found GOLD!! My mom still suffers from anxiety and depression and about a year ago she had a major surgery on her spine to relieve nerve pressure, however the nerve damage (according to doctors) cannot be undone. I am hoping that what I learn in this course I can apply to my daily life, help my clients and also find some relief for mom.

Parthena Zapata

Marriage & Family Therapist

Burbank, United States

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Energy Medicine

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Martina Schmidt

Physical therapist

Floral Park, United States

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