"This program has helped me immensely to overcome anxiety and connect to spirituality"

This program has helped me immensely to overcome anxiety and connect to spirituality. I feel lighter and more composed and have learnt to let go off my baggage’s which were draining me emotionally. I have advanced in my soul search, maybe not there yet, but I know for sure This has been the right path and came to me at the right time


Ops coordinator

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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“I've done a lot of online courses but I have enjoyed this one the most”

I wanted to thank Jeffrey personally for the Duality training. 8 weeks in Loving it. Thankyou, thankyou, and thankyou!...
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Linet Andrea



"I grew so much with this course"

I started this course because I felt that I am an empath. As an empath I would take on the energies around me which really kept me bound and isolated. I learned so much about myself and became acquainted with my 'higher self" I grew so much with this course. I still use some of the exerci...
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Nicole Ciffone

Nurse Practitioner

Tucson, United States


"I see everything so clearly now"

Goosebumps! BIG time! Oh, how I love this! Thank you Jeffrey Allen!
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Anya Rosen Lavender

United States

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