“This profound experience changed forever my old belief system”

“This profound experience changed forever my old belief system”

My son, Grant, was about 6 years old. Grant had traditionally slept well through the night. Then suddenly he started having violent dreams, tossing and turning, talking angrily in his sleep. These disturbances intensified to the point where he was now up walking around sound asleep but angrily knocking over lamps and other items. 
To my surprise and delight, after Jeff's healing with this Being, Grant's night disturbances ended immediately. He was back like his regular self, sleeping peacefully right through the night. 
This profound experience changed forever my old belief system that if I couldn't see it, then it didn't exist. I have become more open minded and receptive to new healing, energy, and spiritual concepts, that there is far more to this existence than I can possibly know.

Dave Ingersoll

Real Estate Broker

United States

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Mako Izumida

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Evie Sullivan

Coach, Hypnotherapist

Reseda, United States

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