"This is a life changing experience for me"

"This is a life changing experience for me"

Before the program I was in a spiritual search. I was never a religious person but I was always conneceted with nature and looking for answers but nothing made a 100% sense to me. 

Thanks to this program I was able to remember my origins and to finally have answers that make sense, that I can feel and trust. Now, I am in my week 3 and I feel I am growing every day with every meditation I do. This is a life changing experience for me. I am so grateful that a program like this even exist and it's available to everybody!! Thank you Jeffrey Allen, thank you Mindvalley!!

Ana Lia Schiariti

Physical Therapist Assistant

Brookfielda, United States

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"I just enrolled to the program and exited to learn and grow"

I just enrolled to the program and exited to learn and grow. Thank you.
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Ofelya Stepanian

Social Worker, ADHC

Watertown, United States


“The course is a pure magic”

The course turned my world upside down. First of all my sadness, shame and fear from my teenage years came up. When clearing those feelings I found a deep strength within me which I, in some way, knew I had but had buried deep inside me. All of a sudden I could stand in my own truth...
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Carina Rosenblad

Stockholm, Sweden


"I want to grow and be a better communicator and be seen, heard in the world and contribute to my purpose"

The reason why I enrolled in this Quest was i find my self getting stuck in my journey in manifesting or drawing better people into my life as partners etc. i understand the live energy or chackras in a traditional sense and want to to put it to use in a profound way as Jeffery said. I w...
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Ruan Varney


Ferndale, United States

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