"This course helped me reach the 7 primaries over time"

Before this program the chakras were very interesting to me, but i had no way to really access them. At first the 7 primaries were almost unreachable, but then, after a few weeks of Duality, i started waking up with my hand and feet chakras vibrating. That kept my interest. This course helped me reach the 7 primaries over time. The hand chakras, there is some magic there, and i will spend time finding it lol.

Alan Jones


Duncan, Canada

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"I am finally getting to better understand my core spirituality"

Before the course I was unaware of Energy and its impact on our lives. I now have a good awareness of the potential power and influence it has on our lives I continue to practice Duality and grow my knowledge and experience in this field. I am finally getting to better understand...
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Carol Chandler

Manager, Accenture

Richardson, United States


"I love the way Jeffrey speaks about energy, and I did the exercises and really felt it strongly"

I always known I am quite intuitive but for many years I left this side of me inside the closet. When I was in my 20's I was more in touch with my spiritual side, then busy life took over. I decided to change my life in 2020. I started with more gratitude, reading about manifesting on various ...
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Fabiela Barros

Sales Manager

Ruislip, United Kingdom


"Want to find out if the program can improve that what limits my energy flow"

I am new at this program. Have been meditation for more than 35 years. Want to find out if the pro...
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Ghent, Belgium

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