"That is a good start for a more happy life"

"That is a good start for a more happy life"

I have looked for this type of program and it was exactly the program I wanted to join. 

Why I was doing this is because I want to know myself more and to have contact with my intuition in a way I have done before and lost. The things that happen for me was that I can see one of my guides in a way that s ok for me, I have also started to meditate more frequently, and I think of energy in a different way. 
I was one of the persons who think I should go out of my body and got that its opposite. "that s why i lose myself in the first place :) I guess this course is different for everyone that s why its good to be many, to pick up many sides. 

The thing I take with me is that I pick up a lot of things with other people and that I can use the tools to be me and let them be them. That is a good start for a more happy life. Thanks!


A writer

Skokloster, Sweden

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