"I love how comprehensive the program is giving me a good foundation in my understanding of the energy world"

"I love how comprehensive the program is giving me a good foundation in my understanding of the energy world"

I just lost a company that I together with my best friend nurtured for 14 years. It was a school for young children. I thought it was my purpose for the rest of my life. But it came to a point when things became too overwhelming. I felt burnt out with so many demands to attend to. I felt I had nothing more to give. To top it off, the pandemic broke just as we decided to shut it down. I knew I had to reset, lest I'd fall into depression. My outside loss needed me to replenish inside. I read books and listened to gurus and teachings about life. 

But when I came across this ad in Mindvalley, something just prodded me to take this course. It was a strong prodding. 

This is my first Mindvalley course by the way. Today, I couldn't be more grateful to Jeffrey Allen. 
His Duality program offered me knowledge and insights during this turning point in my life. I am now able to live more consciously knowing that I have his tools to pick me up when I get stuck. 

I love how comprehensive the program is giving me a good foundation in my understanding of the energy world. I've learned to tap into energy not just in one but ALL pertinent areas in my life. From inner stability to health and healing, to relationships, to manifesting goals, to spirituality --- I got to experience the amazing power of our energies.  

Unexpectedly, my faith and my relationship with God has also become stronger. As I go through this transition phase, I am learning to trust in the process of life. I have this inner knowing that whatever the future holds, I will be able to handle it with grace, fortitude and amusement. Thank you Jeffrey Allen and thank you Mindvalley.

Stella Marie K. Cabilao

Former school owner

Cebu City, Philippines

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