"I believed this class will bring it all together"

"I believed this class will bring it all together"

I do believe there is so much more to life. But not knowing how to break through I feel so close. I know a little about a lot of great stuff. I believed this class will bring it all together.

Angela Giusto

Payroll Specialist/The Seeing Eye

Livingston, United States

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"I am so blessed to be here"

I've been a massage therapist for 25 yrs. I used to really get into the healing part of my work. I could really sense what the body needed and where to work. I've lost that. I also feel really dispersed now, totally ungrounded, like a leaf in the wind and totally unfocused. I don't feel...
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Ava Callaway

Massage Therapist

Belleair Bluffs, United States


"I hope Duality brings clarity to what I really want to do and how best i can"

I have been working with various financial institutions all my life, but don’t feel happy or satisfied. I am at my 40s and think i should change my direction before I continue to sabotage myself doing things to please everyone.
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Michael Lim


Singapore, Singapore


"I wish to elevate my capabilities of working with energy"

Hi there! I am just starting with Mindvalley and I am so excited to embark on this journey! I have felt I could work with energy since I was in grade school, even if I did not know it was real or not. I decided a long time ago that I did believe, but secretly (LOL), like a child keeps a secr...
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Brigitte-Renée St-Jean

Administrative Assistant

Gatineau, Canada

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