"I am soo excited for this journey"

"I am soo excited for this journey"

That fire in my belly has been tamped many times. I inherently know that I am the one to stoke those flames. Lately I somehow lost the ability to tap into those powers. After my initial master class with Jeff I was so excited to rediscover my bright "energy ball" and how I can manipulate it. It was so fun and inspiring. It is even more meaningful to me now because I have these unclear cravings for my own dreams and success while also tending deeply to my husband, my two grown daughters, and my parents, all who have some real life challenges. I know I have the energy to share, now I am learning how to do it more effectively. I am soo excited for this journey.

Christia Hayes

Clinical Exercise Specialist

Sacramento, United States

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"It’s like all the dots are starting to connect"

I love the way Jeffrey teaches and his vibe instantly makes me feel safe. I have just completed the first of 8 weeks and for the first time I feel safe, it’s like all the dots are starting to connect, I find myself nodding and smiling away through his lessons and I love the meditations and the...
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Trixi Griffiths

Local Government

Winchester, United Kingdom


"Thank you for sharing your gifts with me, I am truly grateful"

Throughout my life, I have suffered from life-threatening illnesses and many other challenges in life. These challenges led me to step up and seek solutions that brought so many gifts with them. I learned that there is always more to learn. This course and others offered by Mindvalley has added t...
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Barbara Longsworth

Personal Development Coach

North Chicago, Ill, United States


"I can tell you that my house has been peaceful"

I’m very grateful to take this course with Jeffrey Allen. I have been practicing with grounding and energy feelings. I see a few changes. I grounded my house , family members. I can tell you that my house has been peaceful and more understanding of each other. Loving and enjoying all. Th...
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María Barrios

Hiking for fun

Menifee, United States

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