"Thank you Mindvalley for bringing together a virtual event of this scope like it was a casual meeting amongst a small tight group of peers and like-minded humans"
Dent the Universe Online Seminar

"Thank you Mindvalley for bringing together a virtual event of this scope like it was a casual meeting amongst a small tight group of peers and like-minded humans"

"Tatwamasi" -- I AM THAT. Broken down still I AM THAT I AM. I AM THE UNIVERSE. This is the essence of the Advaita philosophy, the essence of the Upanishads, the song of the Holy Geeta and all that Hinduisim means to me. Every religion teaches us: that we are the Universe expressed in a perfect microcosm called our human body. But why mention it here? Now imagine being reminded of this in a 3-day seminar that is aimed at helping to become our Best Version as entrepreneurs, working professionals, businessmen and women, change-makers, artists et al. No matter the title, and the particular goal we are trying to accomplish how do we marry intensive spirituality with the savvy of the world of business and the workforce? Leave it to the able hands, mastery of a wealth of knowledge that is Dr. SriKumar Rao and his absolutely riveting style of teaching. I did not doubt for a second coming into the seminar that we would be treated to a hearty dose of spirituality. 

The seminar's program description mentions sages, seers like Adi Shakaracharya, Sri Raman Maharishi, Seneca and other greats of lore and our world. But not once did I even imagine that the very spiritual teachings we tend to learn in scriptures and scared texts of the world, close the book and relegate to spiritual circles and go on about our merry ways can be implemented seamlessly into day to day experiences and vicissitudes of our journey. As career professionals, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs not sages, seers meditating in the forest. In spite of my keen immersion in spirituality at my Guruji's ashram and satsangha during the first 20 some years of my life, I had possibly lost fragments of that immersion to life. Somewhere along the way. 
Only to be reminded by another beautiful stasangha that came together in these three days from different corners of the world. And how seamlessly we were all able to connect in the breakout sessions and on the chat! How cool is that!! 

A hands-on reminder that we are at our core energy beings here to show the way forward for each other in a human, embodied form. For my own part, as a healer, channel and intuitive I have believed that entrepreneurship is a spiritual endeavor. That it takes continuous evolving in and through our experiences, the readiness to be teachable to serve my clients as my Best Self. Great! But how do I break that down into particular action steps, mindset pathways, insights, reflections, hands-on exercises that I can implement step by step each time? That is exactly what I learned in the 3-day seminar. Words fail me in expressing the level of gratitude and privilege I feel all at once to have been able to participate in this transformative event. 

From the highly motivating, and deeply reflective introduction of Ms. Mia Lux, the profound immersion in spirituality in Dr. Rao's lectures, videos and instruction, the incredibly spiritually invigorating breathing exercises by Ms. Alsu Kashapova to the breakout sessions, I think everything fell into a beautiful, perfect pattern of upshifting. 

After Ms. Kashapova's sessions concluded, I felt the Universe reminding us that the onus is now on us to implement those breathing techniques daily. The session on dragon breathing was just out of this world for me. It reminded me of Kapalbhaati but done differently. What an amazing way to reenergize each of ourselves, understand the vast potential within us to focus, concentrate and give our 100% no matter the time of day or night!!! 

As a healer, Speaker and Coach who coaches, teaches and speaks about connection practices, this part of the day will be such a memorable one for me for the foreseeable future. I just loved the sessions with Ms. Kashapova! 

Thank you Vishen for the vision, passion and zeal to remind each of us to truly dent our universe and leave ripples and ripples of upshifting in its wake. 

Thank you Mindvalley for bringing together a virtual event of this scope like it was a casual meeting amongst a small tight group of peers and like-minded humans. :))) This event has and will continue to impact us scattered all across the world in unimaginable ways. More than I could possibly articulate here. 

Big Love to you all from TX!!

Suchitra Balaji

Healer, Speaker, Coach

Austin, United States

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